After upgrading to a 2018 Toyota Tundra and taking it off-roading a few times, the original splash guards on my truck were shredded and the engine bay was completely exposed. After searching online for days, I was not impressed with any splash guards on the market. They were all either made from cheap flimsy Neoprene, which wouldn’t last you a year, or expensive powder coated Aluminum, which is extremely noisy when rocks are thrown at it. On top of that, both options would be ravaged looking after only a few times of rocks peppering them.


I wanted a high-quality rubber splash guard, that was durable, would look nice for years to come, and would not be shredded after only a few uses. I reached out to a buddy of mine who had some excess rubber sheets laying around their shop, and they turned out to be exactly the material I was looking for. I got to designing and testing dozens of splash guards, each time improving the coverage and fit to make sure we had full coverage.  After hours of working at it, I had mocked up the first set of splash guards for my truck.


Driving around Phoenix in the days after, my eyes were drawn to the fender wells of every Toyota truck that I passed. I quickly realized this was a systemic problem with all Toyota’s, not just Tundra’s. This is when we went to work, and Ark Splash Guards was born.



If I have stock suspension on my truck will this product fit?

Yes, Ark Splash Guards will fit stock vehicles, vehicles with leveling kits, and suspension lifts of all sizes.

Do we have Ark Splash Guards for Vehicles with Body Lifts?

We currently have 1 and 2 inch body lift options for Gen 5 4runners and are expanding to other models in the near future.

With my suspension lift, I have external reservoirs, will Ark Splash Guards fit?

Yes, They will nest in behind the external reservoirs with no issue.

I have long travel with secondary shock hoops, will Ark Splash Guards fit?

We recommend that you install Ark Splash Guards which getting your secondaries installed so that they next in behind the hoop. If you already have your secondaries installed you would have to remove the shock hoop to nest in behind the bracket, which is not ideal.

How does your product handle extreme climates, like Alaska Cold?

Ark Splash Guards excel in Extreme Climates, whether it's cold, heat or moisture. We've been shipping to Canada and Alaska for almost a year with no customer feedback about cracks, damage, or product failures. We're located in Arizona Desert and have been road testing our product for a year and a half, with no failures.

What kind of material are you guys using, what sets you apart?

Unlike the competition, we're using a synthetic rubber blend that has a high durometer for durability. We offer a single piece solution (vs. two-piece), that fully encloses the wheel well and prevents unwanted material from entering the engine compartment.

Do you offer Splash Guards in custom colors?

At this point, no. However, some of our customers have decided to paint their splash guards and giving the composition of the material - the paint absorbs nicely into/on the material. Check out of Instagram for some examples.

Can I get a custom design/logo cut into Ark Splash Guards?

Yes! There is an additional charge for this type of request given it's a one-off and the standard lead time of those requests are 7 days. All we require you to provide a vector file with your logo or design and we'll get it cut, packed, and shipped. Please email your design that you want included to