The Rope

A few years back a group of Central Floridian good-ol’ boys, “Bubbas” created the perfect off-road recovery rope. Our one-of-kind snatch rope is adapted from military specifications and has been tested commercially for years, pulling out work trucks and heavy equipment from muddy job sites. Recreational 4x4s, ATVs and other off road vehicles can benefit from this kinetic energy technology to get unstuck faster and safer. What makes Bubba Rope® unique is our process of dipping our double braided nylon rope in liquid vinyl in a trademarked Gator-ize® process. This coating is what gives Bubba Rope® its water, abrasion and UV resistant properties and ultimately a longer life span. Also, unlike other recovery rope companies Bubba Rope does not have others make our products and just put our name on it. Every Bubba Rope is made in our USA factory with our own trained master splicing technicians. Our main goal is to continue to make the best recovery rope and the best recovery gear ever! 


“Bubba” is an endearing term that we’ all use in the South representing a more "countrified" way of life. Bubbas and their fairer side, Bubbettes thoroughly enjoy their time outdoors. On weekends you can find us off-roading while we are fishing, hunting, and yes, playing in the mud. Almost all of us Bubbas either own a 4x4 vehicle or know someone that does. And here’s the good news: just about anybody can be a All American Bubba or Bubbette! From a country good ol boy or girl to a chic urban socialite. You just need to have a fun, git-r-done attitude and at least one piece of "camo" clothing in your wardrobe.


Jake is the special character that appears in our logo and website. Originally, created by Jake Vest, “That’s Jake” was a syndicated cartoon for over 20 years, appearing in a multitude of newspapers across the country. Jake is the perfect Bubba, straight forward and countrified without being a Hollywood stereotypical Southerner. Jake also appeared in the 1980s operating a crane, lifting a donkey in a sling in the now famous Certified Slings’ (Bubba Rope®’s parent company) slogan created by the late Ron Worswick founder of Certified Slings; “If yours is in a sling…make sure it’s Certified”. Jake Vest is still a very funny fellow teaching grade school kids to read and write in Central Florida.

The Company

Bubba Rope® is dedicated to making the safest and best recovery gear in the USA.  We take our products and our customers seriously while having fun in what we do. We created Bubba Rope® as a fun life-style array of high quality American made products. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we do creating them.


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