Leitner Designs officially opened its doors in 2007 as a research, development and manufacturing firm helping emerging and established companies develop new and innovative products for their market segment. Its dedicated team of engineers and designers collaborate together to develop outstanding products for the Medical, motorcycle, electronic, action sports, consumer and automotive markets. Using the latest in 3D Computer modeling and analysis as well as 3D printing Leitner Designs quickly established itself as the “GO TO” design house to get great looking, functional products to market quickly.

In 2014 the founder of Leitner Designs, Bernhard Leitner shifted the company’s focus from being a design firm to manufacturing its own line of truck accessories. His love for adventure and the outdoors drove the development of the company’s first product the “Active Cargo System”. Leitner Designs is dedicated to engineering the most innovative products that are manufactured exclusively in the USA.

Our company slogan “Carry Your World” is the driving force behind the development off all our products.

Leitner Designs
Carry Your World
587 N. Smith Street Unit A
Corona, CA 92880


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