We are the leader in Jeep Wrangler Performance. We started with the idea that your Wrangler should give you the performance you want,but so often lose, after you begin customizing your Jeep. With every part you add, from wheels and tires to bumpers and lifts, you lose more performance. Our goal is to make your Jeep perform as well as it looks. Custom Jeeps should be big in size AND power!

That's why we designed and offer the Prodigy Performance Turbo Kits for Jeeps. The Prodigy Turbo Kit will deliver 200 more horsepower and over 150 more ft lbs of torque. This will provide an excellent driving experience under any conditions.  And – using either the Garrett or Precision turbocharger will increase your engines efficiency so much, you can see gains of 2-4 mpg. So check out our Turbo Kits and make your Jeep perform the way you want it to!


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