State 48 Overland introduces it's APP . Armor Purchase Plan. Patience is the utmost virtue as a customer in this industry.
At S48O, we know how frustrating it can be having your money tied up with no product to show for it and unfortunately in some cases, the product never shows up. We want to help restore consumer confidence during a time when our communities need it the most.
We have partnered up with our friend and long standing industry veteran, Jason Demello at Demello Off-Road. With over 15 years of industry presence, Demello Off-Road was the obvious choice for establishing a dealer to manufacturer advance pay system. What does this all mean to you? When you order your armor through State 48 Overland, we will carry the upfront cost to get your order started, not you the customer (if the program inventory is available).
We have established a limited line of pre-paid cash, not credit with Demello. 
We will request a $250 deposit. This is then credited toward your invoice balance once the product has been completed and is staged for shipment. Only at this final stage of completion will we then ask you to complete the purchase of your product and pay the difference owed. Your deposit is fully refundable should you change your mind. No restocking fees, no explanation needed, you get your deposit money back if you change your mind. In essence, State 48 Overland has already paid for the armor order, now owns the inventory, and will get it to the next customer up should your order be cancelled. (Sorry its to the back of line if you happen to change your mind again)
It is highly encouraged that you call State 48 Overland (833-STATE48) first, prior to placing an order for armor products under our APP program. Please keep in mind that S48O will remain your point person for questions, lead times, and status of your order not Demello Off-Road. 
 Our business model and platform has been set up to provide the customer with armor purchasing options. We separate ourselves from other traditional retail dealers by not asking for full payment up front from the customer. 
The intent of APP is to alleviate apprehension for customers that are shopping for armor then faced with the decision to pay in full and having to wait for the product during the fabrication time. This program is set up to give the customer confidence when buying armor through State 48 Overland. You should only be focused on receiving and enjoying the product you paid for. 
State 48 Overland is committed to the off-road and overland communities. We hope you see the value in this program, our products, and communications for many years to come.
-State 48 Overland-
(All armor orders are invoiced manually through PayPal so that you receive accurate shipping and product information on your order-Thank you)