King 3" ID Spring SPR3-14-650

King coil springs are manufactured to our specifications in the USA using the finest quality, high tensile, chrome silicon wire available. Our springs are specifically wound for off-road applications, not repackaged car springs. Our spring rates, wire diameters and coil lengths have been developed through extensive real world testing on all types of terrain. Our race winning designs have been put to the test in the heat of battle from Baja to Dakar.

All springs have closed and ground ends to sit flat and deflect true. We have the largest selection of springs to match your application, over 10,000 in stock, ready to go. We sell thousands of springs a month with barely a return ever, yet we offer a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser against sagging and breakage. You will have the added peace of mind knowing you’re covered, just in case. In the rare occurrence that a spring does fail, it will be cheerfully replaced with no questions asked. Our customer support is second to none just like the quality and performance of our products.

Decoding King coil part numbers:

Example: SPR3-14-650

SPR3 = 3" internal diameter spring * fits 2.5" shock.

14 = 14 inches long.

650 = 650 lbs. spring rate.

The spring rate is a number that represents the amount of force in pounds that it takes to compress the coil 1 inch.