Lexus GX 460/ 470 Rear DuroBumps
Lexus GX 460/ 470 Rear DuroBumps Lexus GX 460/ 470 Rear DuroBumps Lexus GX 460/ 470 Rear DuroBumps Lexus GX 460/ 470 Rear DuroBumps Lexus GX 460/ 470 Rear DuroBumps

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DuroBumps 4.25″ tall rear DuroBumps are intended for Lexus GX’s that have lifts of 2″+. Proudly made in the USA with Dual Durometer (hardness) Rubber that provides smooth progressive dampening and greatly reduce hard bottom outs. This allows for more control and comfort compared to OEM bump stops that are harsh on contact. With DuroBumps installed, the shell-shock effect experienced when hitting the OEM bump stops is completely eliminated.

  • No loss of up travel. With DuroBumps being made with Dual Durometer Rubber the bump stops compress in a smooth predictable fashion.

  • DuroBumps are made from the highest quality raw materials . All hardware is JIS 10.9, corrosion resistant, metric hardware.

  • Cast-in-place metal hardware embedded into rubber to prevent separation.

  • Small, compact, application specific bump stops. DuroBumps is the only application specific bump stop manufacturer. We do not manufacture “universal fit” bump stops.

DuroBumps Dimensions:

  • Length: 5″ (127mm)

  • Width: 2.6″ (66mm)

  • Height: 4.25″ (108mm)

What’s in the Package:

  • 2pcs Lexus GX 4.25″ Rear DuroBumps bump stops.

  • 4pcs JIS 10.9 metric corrosion-resistant bolts w/ washers (To mount DuroBumps to OEM location).

  • 1pcs. Single use blue thread locker.

  • Install Instructions.

 Please Note:

  • For off-road use only. By installing these after market bump stops on your vehicle you assume all risk and liability. Seller will not be held liable for any damages or loss associated with the installation or use of this product for any reason.

DuroBumps are not a replacement for air or hydro bump stops. Don’t be an idiot. DuroBumps are for Trail guys & gals, Rock Crawlers and Overlanders. DuroBumps may make you feel like Ivan “Ironman” Stewart on the trail BUT, proper suspension setup and roll cage at the minimum are required to safely and responsibly drive at high speeds off road. Our products are not recommended for High Speed Pre-Runner applications OR Towing. DuroBumps are the absolute best  Bump Stops available on the market and we are sure you will agree!!