Being raised in a military family brought me to Arizona over 35 years ago. My partner Jay, an Army veteran and California transplant has now called Arizona home for over 20 years. We both share the same values and dedication toward family, community, and the outdoors. Jay's Gen 3 Taco build and my Gen 2 Taco build is how the friendship all began. 

To say that we have learned valuable lessons modifying our trucks over the years is an understatement. We are making it our goal to help our fellow off-roaders, overland communities and veterans make educated buying decisions, learn from some of our past mistakes, and in the end have more money in the pocket to show for it. It doesn't matter what you choose to drive or how you choose to modify it, we simply respect the effort given toward every build because 'All Mods Matter'. We are proud to rep State 48 and look forward to helping you, rep your state too.

-Erick & Jay