What Would You Like to Have Done to Your Toyota?
  • Suspension & Lift Kits
  • Re-Gearing (Nitro and Yukon Gears)
  • Armor & Recovery Install (bumpers, racks, sliders, winches, etc.)
  • Off Road Lighting and Electrical 
  • Alignments (Set to Custom Specs)
  • Toyota Required Interval Maintenance, Repair & Service
  • Timing Service on 3.4L and 4.7L Engines & more
  • Diagnostics
  • Brakes
  • Lexus GX460/470
  • Consultation, Tech Talk and Parts Sales (even parts not found on the website)
  • Just fill the form out below and list the services needed
  • **Please note that any request for installation of customer supplied parts require a direct conversation with us.
  • If we agree to a customer supplied parts job, it is your responsibility to make sure you have proper working parts, that all parts are accounted for, as we will not supplement anything missing or damaged given to us for install.
  • We will not assume any negligence/liability and we do not provide any support for warranty claims if the supplied parts you provide fail for any reason.** 
  • Key drop should only be used for early morning drop offs. We advise against leaving a vehicle in the parking lot overnight and unattended. We make it a priority to lock all vehicles up inside at night.

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