Toyota 4Runner 3.5 Inch Rear Bump Stops 0-3 inch For 96-02 4Runner DuroBumps
Toyota 4Runner 3.5 Inch Rear Bump Stops 0-3 inch For 96-02 4Runner DuroBumps Toyota 4Runner 3.5 Inch Rear Bump Stops 0-3 inch For 96-02 4Runner DuroBumps Toyota 4Runner 3.5 Inch Rear Bump Stops 0-3 inch For 96-02 4Runner DuroBumps Toyota 4Runner 3.5 Inch Rear Bump Stops 0-3 inch For 96-02 4Runner DuroBumps

DuroBumps are proudly made in the USA with dual durometer (hardness) rubber, providing smooth, progressive dampening that greatly reduces hard bottom-outs and allows for greater control and comfort compared to OEM bump stops, which can feel rock-hard on contact. With DuroBumps, you’ll gain better off-road control and comfort compared to OEM bump stops and eliminate the “shell-shock” effect experienced when hitting larger bumps.
The DuroBumps DBR35 is designed to be slightly taller than OEM bump stops so it can compress under load to soften the impact just prior to the ultimate stop. The DBR35 will not limit your wheel-up travel compared to OEM bump stops. It’s intended for stock-height trucks and mild lifts up to 2” (fully loaded).
(For lifts of more than 2” or 10” length shocks we offer a 4.25” version here)
Features and benefits
Improved handling – Dual durometer rubber allows DuroBumps to act as a secondary coil spring, with smooth engagement that progressively increases compression load in a predictable fashion.
Mounts in OEM location – Easily bolts into the OEM location to ensure a proper fit—no modifications needed.
Corrected misalignment – The OEM bump stops on the rear of Toyota trucks are not aligned properly to the rear axle. They are actually misaligned by about 1”. DuroBumps addresses this issue by incorporating the proper offset into our design so that DuroBumps contacts the rear axle tube centered as needed.
Increased suspension life – DuroBumps greatly extends the life of other suspension components by absorbing the shock load when the suspension bottoms out. DuroBumps absorb the impact, saving your critical suspension components from excessive wear and service intervals to the shocks, upper and lower control arm bushings, and panhard bar bushings.
Small, compact, application specific – Designed to fit specific truck models. No “universal fit” spacers required.
Smooth and silent – unlike Hydro bumps, DuroBumps are whisper quiet on contact.
Premium bump stops – DuroBumps are proudly made in the USA from the highest quality raw materials.
Provided mounting hardware – JIS 10.9 zinc-coated hex head metric bolts and single-use thread locker are provided with every set of DuroBumps, insuring a strong, secure fit.

Note: For off-road use only. By installing these aftermarket bump stops on your vehicle, the user assumes all risk and liability. DuroBumps are not designed for towing applications. For further information, click here. Seller will not be held liable for any damages or loss associated with the installation or use of this product for any reason.

Part# DBR354R: Rear Bump Stops
What’s included:
(2) Two 3.5” rear DuroBumps
(2) Two JIS 10.9 M8-1.25 50 mm flange bolt
(1) Single-use medium thread locker
(1) One FREE sticker

Tools required:
• Jack and jack stands
• 12 mm socket wrench
• 19 mm deep socket wrench or lug wrench
• Scraper or wire brush to clean debris
• Torque wrench

Step 1: Following vehicle manufacturer recommendations, use a properly rated jack. Lift the rear of the truck with floor jack and support the frame rails with jack stands. Remove rear wheels.
Be sure to use jack stands!
Step 2: Remove the OEM bump stop located on the frame rail above the rear axle tube, using a 12 mm deep socket.
Step 3: Use a scraper or wire brush to clean any mud/debris from the frame.
Step 4: Insert the flange bolt into the mounting hole of the DuroBumps and apply provided thread locker on the threads of the bolt. Mount DuroBumps in OEM location using a 12 mm socket wrench until snug (10 – 12 ft. lbs.). Do not over-tighten bolt.
Step 5: Repeat steps 2 – 4 on the other side.
Step 6: Reinstall wheels and lower vehicle back to the ground. Torque lug nuts to factory specifications.

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