ARB Tire Inflation Kit for ARB Air Compressors (171302V2)

ARB Air Compressor Hose Kit Features:

  • Facilitates Efficient Tire Inflation
  • For use with ARB high-output compressors
  • Internal bearing system
  • High-heat tolerances
  • Designed for maximum airflow
  • Durable fittings
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Efficient Tire Inflation and Performance Maximize your Tacoma's off-roading capacity by adding this ARB Air Compressor Hose kit to your favorite ARB compressor. This hose was specifically designed to aid in off-road applications when you need to frequently modify your tire pressures to suit your all-terrain demands. This entire hose kit ensures an efficient inflation performance with maximum airflow thanks to the high-quality components included in this package. High-Quality Construction & Warranty Info ARB's Air Compressor Hose Kit features a 23-foot hose that exhibits high resistance to heat stress and superior strength to handle extreme pressure and constant abuse. This kit also comes with an air chuck with a quick-press fitting and a T-fitting for use with the ARB air compressor. The dust-free air chuck is furnished with a superior bearing system to prevent dirt from penetrating the system. Additionally, an assortment of other fittings are included to provide efficient inflation for multiple purposes. Best of all, this kit is backed by a 2-year Warranty to help keep your investment protected.