COACHBUILDER STEERING KIT to be used with a BDS 4.5"-7" PROCOMP 6"-7" ZONE 5"
COACHBUILDER STEERING KIT to be used with a BDS 4.5"-7" PROCOMP 6"-7" ZONE 5" COACHBUILDER STEERING KIT to be used with a BDS 4.5"-7" PROCOMP 6"-7" ZONE 5"


Coachbuilder Steering Kit,  Upgrade Your BDS 4.5 -7" / Fabtech 6" / ProComp 6"-7" / Zone 5" lift lit.     

Tundra 2007+ Models

Key Features:

Improved strength and increase travel in the steering by up to 30%.

Greatly reduce bump steer and uneven tire wear.

7075 Billet W/Hard Anodized Finish, 7/8″ heat treated 4130 chromoly rod end, PTFE inserts, 303 stainless misalignment shims, rubber grease boots and hardened hardware. Coachbuilder Steering Kits available for all Tundra applications and must be running at least a 20″ or larger wheels with a +25mm or less offset.

** Does require modification of Steering knuckle... ( Drill Bit included )  **

** Installs in 45-60 Mins

Alignment specs to use after installing:

Camber +.2 Degrees Per Side.

Caster +2.2 - +2.5 Degrees Per Side.

Toe +.07 - +.10 Degrees Per Side, Not to Exceed +.20 Combine. 



Coachbuilder Steering kit: Your steering kit will be assembled to the same length as the outer tie rods they’ll be replacing.. Start off by breaking loose the OE jam nut  (located between the inner and outer tie rod) before removing outer tie rod from the spindle. Toyota uses a RH thread on both sides and will notice our steering kit is compatible with either side. Clean threads with a wire brush after removing OE outer tie rods and thread  new steering kit up to the jam nut location being sure our logo is in line with the spindle. 


** Please note.  When using factory spindles the heim joint will mount to the underside of the spindle. When using aftermarket spindles the heim joint will mount on the top side of spindle and may require modification of the tapered hole. Bit will be included for these applications. Torque spec is 95 ft lbs ** DO NOT USE IMPACT** Please note.. DO NOT adjust the outer heim joint when correcting the alignment.. toe will be adjusted from the inner tie rod only. Torque both inner and outer jam nuts after installation is complete. ( Please apply Super Lube Grease with PTFE every 20,000 miles to the heim joints. A grease needle will be required to apply grease between the rubber boot and misalignment spacer above and below the joint)